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How it all started

Zmeișorii started as social gatherings in our community where we wanted to offer our kids a safe space to learn Romanian, make friends and discover more about our culture. A few years later our kids turned into the characters on Zmeiș where they now help children discover the Romanian language through the educational content we create to support their mother tongue. 

Zmeisorii playgroups in Helsinki

Our desire to create a common space for Romanian and mixed families lead to the local playgroups Zmeișorii that we have been organising in Helsinki since 2012. As we started to create more educational content tailored to our children’s’ needs, we realised that many parents and teachers would benefit from them, so we launched where we offer free educational content as well as special products through our online store.

Zmeișorii promote:

ICT competencies

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On our online store Zmeișorii we sell both physical and digital products. All our educational materials are created based on Finnish education, always considering the needs and interests of children.


At the same time, we bring a fresh approach through the illustration and pedagogical concepts that aim to promote at the same time Romanian culture. In our store, you will find a large map of Romania that can be coloured and used as a transdisciplinary tool, school calendar, postal cards, stickers, and more.

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