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Our edu-export projects consist of collaborations with Finnish companies, institutions and organisation that provide educational tools. We work on identifying the best products on the Finnish market that can be localised in Romania. Our role is to support both the Romanian educational sector and Finnish companies to expand to new markets.

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We bring Finnish lessons to Romania

LessonApp has Finnish pedagogy packed in a compact form. It includes activating teaching methods that promote learning. Use ready-to-teach lessons or plan your own with the help of lesson blocks. LessonApp is not tied to any curriculum. LessonApp is based on modern, research-based pedagogy. LessonApp follows the very same principles teachers in Finland are taught during the teacher training and what they apply every day in their classrooms.


Finnish teachers base their work on socio-constructivist view on learning and apply it various different ways every day. The socio-constructivist approach can manifest in many diverse ways in classrooms:

  • engaging learners in activity, discourse, and reflection

  • frequent use of discussions and participation

  • giving learners the opportunity to raise their own questions and construct their own models

  • encouraging independent thinking: students test their ideas, synthesize the ideas of others, build a deeper understanding of what they are learning and develop reasoning skills

  • using a different kind of activating and co-operative teaching methods.

 LessonApp in your school 

If you are interested in bringing LessonApp to your school in English, please get in touch with the LessonApp team.

For the Romanian version, please get in touch with us and visit the Romanian version of this page. 


“LessonApp is a pedagogically meaningful application that helps a teacher to take into
account different stages of learning in lesson planning. With LessonApp also the teacher
learns, and finds ideas how to make lessons meaningful for students. In this application it
has been successfully packed in a simple form what Finnish teachers do every day in

Erika Maksniemi

Research Group of Educational Psychology
University of Helsinki

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