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Finland's educational system is highly regarded around the world because of its impact on innovation in education. The success story behind Finnish education has many factors, but one that is always brought up is the highly skilled teachers and their pedagogical practices based on recent study and research. Edustudio Helsinki wants to support teachers worldwide in their life long learning process and the contribution they bring to society through their work. Through our educational tours in the Finnish schools, we want to provide teachers with the tools and information they need to make changes in their classrooms.


We support teachers like long learning and development through a tailored educational tour personalised to their needs and interests.

When and where?

So far we organised 2 educational tours in Helsinki, for teachers from Romania. Unfortunately, due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, schools visits are not allowed so our tours are cancelled until further notice. Follow us on Facebook to find out more.

Price and package

The price of a ticket starts at 600€ depending on the number of days and the schools we visit. We offer a 15% discount for groups larger than 3.

The price ticket includes:

  • 3+ school visits

  • 3 workshops given by our team and other trainers experience in Finnish education

  • Lunch breaks

  • Edustudio Helsinki materials

  • Public transportation in Helsinki metropolitan area

  • Coffee breaks


We organise educational tours for teachers and those interested in the Finnish educational system. The tours include visits in different schools and kindergartens in the Helsinki metropolitan area as well as workshops and courses about the Finnish pedagogy and approach, providing the tools and information required to make the changes.

For whom?

Our tours are personalised to your needs and we welcome teachers, educators, principals or even entrepreneurs interested in the future of education and the Finnish model. 

Terms and conditions

Cancellations and refund:

  • 21 days before the event: we reimburse 80% of the ticket 

  • Less than 14 days before the event: we reimburse 50% of the ticket

  • If you buy a ticket and can no longer take part in the tour, you can transfer your ticket to someone else (valid only for the tour for which you bought the ticket).

We can invoice organisations, institutions and companies.

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