The Reading Box 

**Due to the current situation and the development of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed in Romanian schools, the project is on hold until further notice. We hope to bring it back next year, once things go back to normal.**

The Reading Box is the Edustudio Helsinki initiative created to support literacy development in primary schools from Romania. For this project, we got inspiration from the famous Finnish baby box as well as the best practices used in Finland to promote reading in schools. Through The Reading Box, we want to encourage more children from primary school to develop their reading abilities and the passion for books.

Each Reading Box includes a full package of educational materials, activities and tutorials to help educators in their work of promoting reading in the classroom or at book clubs. We developed the Reading Box to be used as a toolkit for the classroom so it includes enough materials for 30 students to :

  • increase their MOTIVATION to read based on their own curiosity and sense of adventure 

  • support LITERACY in primary school by providing a guided reading trail that includes reading activities and games where kids have an active role

  • increase the sense of COMMUNITY in the classroom, school and society 

Each reading Box includes physical materials (for the entire classroom)

  • 1 x poster for the classroom: 100 minutes Reading Challenge

  • 2 crafts projects: 30 x reading mascots (Ari the hedgehog) and 30 bookmarks

  • 1 x set of cards with reading games which can be played at school or at home

  • Teacher's guide

  • 30 x reading passports 

  • 30 x reading diplomas

  • 1 die

  • 1 stamp

  • Materials for the crafts projects

  • Ari's letter for the kids 

Digital materials (for teachers and parents)

  • Tutorial with instructions

  • Informative brochures for parents

  • Extra sheets from the box that can be printed out

Implementing the project in Romania:

  • May - June 2020: The first testing phase to take place in 5 classrooms (also depending on the COVID-19 situation)

  • June 2020: Fundraising campaign for the first 1000 boxes aimed at schools from disadvantaged areas in Romania

  • August 2020: Finalising the Reading Box based on feedback and testing. Partnerships with distributors and publishers

  • September 2020: official launch of the Reading Box

  • March 2021: We want to send 1000 Reading Boxes to disadvantaged schools from Romania

In the long term, we wish to see the Reading Box used as a literacy toolkit in all the classrooms.

During the first edition of Donors' Circle which took place in Helsinki on March 1, we raised 2000 € that helped us in the first phase of the development and testing of the products. 

For all those willing to support the project donations can be made in our bank account Suomi Romania Edustudio Ry  FI94 7997 7996 1187 53

Our team:

Raluca Cenan-Niemi: pedagogy

Bianca Biro: concept and pedagogy

Alexandra Vorobjeff: concept, illustration and design

Diana Porumboiu: marketing and communication

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