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We are a non-profit association founded in 2018 in Finland and our mission is to improve education by offering modern learning tools and models, inspired by the Finnish education system. Our team is made up of professionals experienced in education, design and communication.


Through our projects in Romania, we want to support the continuous development of teachers by providing courses, training, educational tours and exchanges. We want to utilise our expertise in Finnish education and bring 21st-century education elements in every Romanian classroom.


Through our projects in Finland, we emphasise the crucial role played by the mother tongue in children's education and ethnic identity development. We strengthen their self-identity and encourage a positive self-image by promoting our Romanian cultural heritage. We do this through local workshops, playgroups, exchanges and other events.


Through our projects dedicated to the diaspora, we want to support Romanians worldwide in transmitting their mother tongue to future generations.​ We offer educational resources for children who leave outside of Romania and we disseminate the model of the playgroups originally developed in Helsinki to support functional bilingualism. 


We are working on edu-export projects that reinforce the cooperation in the field of education between Romania and Finland. We are working closely with Finnish partners that have successfully implemented their solutions in Finland and we open them the door towards the Romanian market. We support our partners to expand in Romania by offering translation and consultancy services. At the same time, we curate the best content from Finland and bring it to Romania in order to support the development of the educational sector.


We are a team of young Romanian professionals living in Helsinki. Our expertise in teaching, Finnish pedagogy, educational product design and marketing is enabling us to inspire and empower those who need access to better education.


 our numbers in 2019 

2 educational tours

34  participants

40 free educational

materials for Romanian Together

14 countries reached 

4 continents

126  free educational resources

52  countries

108 towns and villages

12 Zmeișorii playgroups with

20  families

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